Just branding


I had the privilege to work with a small, very talented team on the rebranding of Hampton Creek. As the company grew, and the product lines expanded, we found ourselves trapped within the constraints of the identity. Everything started to feel the same on the shelves, there was no clear differentiator between flavors. 

In addition to that, we desperately wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to grocery stores. It can often feel like sensory overload. We wanted to create something that was simple, clear, and unexpected.

With this updated packaging, we also launched a new website. Read the rebrand story told from my perspective here.


just 12 oz with food
Cookies and Cookie Dough Group Stacks rt v2.jpg
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8 Manual 4Logo.jpg
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Chief Design Officer: Sean Wolcott
Creative Director: Jordan Viola
Design Director: Rob Saywitz
Designer: Samantha Peacock
Photographer: Sherry Heck
Photographer: Matthew Reamer
Food Stylist: Shannon Carey