JUST branding


I believe that a plant-based diet is the future of food. We have to make a change as a society if we want to keep living on this planet. But eating a plant-based diet shouldn’t mean it has to be boring.

When I first started working at Hampton Creek, and told people where I worked, they had no idea what it was. That is until I mentioned “Just Mayo”, and in most cases the reaction was, “Ah, yes! I love that stuff!”. This was the first red flag for us. We knew rebranding would be necessary for better recognition. 

As the company grew larger, so did ambition. We wanted to make it so that every section in the grocery store had a “JUST” food option. Something that was healthier, better for the planet, affordable, and of course—delicious.

A very talented group of Michelin Star chefs and food scientists created a new series of recipes that normally contained eggs or dairy; Mayo, in 6 delicious flavors, salad dressings, eat-it-raw cookie dough, and most recently—a plant-based egg, that scrambles and tastes just like a real chicken egg.

From a design perspective, I thought it was important to stray away from the typical “plant-based look”, which could detour the carnivorous eaters. To me it’s not important to advertise that it’s plant-based, it’s just good! 

ing-scoop-grid copy.jpg
8 Manual 3Typography.jpg

Creative Director: Jordan Viola
Photography: Sherry Heck
Art Direction/Design: Samantha Peacock
Food styling/general awesomeness: Shannon Carey
Thank you to the lovely folks at Moving Brands who helped us come up with the logo mark.